Green Visor Girl

Accounting and Advisory Services



 “My law firm has had the privilege to use Green Visor Girl Bookkeeping's services to manage the firm's financial affairs. Ms. Cavicchi has been an enthusiastic and knowledgeable resource that we have accessed frequently for daily operation issues and in relation to strategic long-term planning of how we operate as a business. We can maintain our focus on providing quality legal services to our clients without any need to worry whether our financials are in order. Green Visor Girl Bookkeeping is an integral part of our business and significant reason for our success.” -Brian. R.

“Absolutely LOVE working with Nina. I needed a great bookkeeper that could take things off my plate while I focused on my business, and she is everything I was hoping for. Reasonably priced and very detailed. Leaving me confident that I haven’t made a mistake or overlooked anything. Five stars in my book!” -Michael G. 

“I have owned a small dance studio for several years. My expertise is in the art of dance and teaching, not running numbers and reports. Green Visor Girl Bookkeeping allows me to focus on what I do best. I am worry free knowing that I have Nina on my team making sure that every detail of my bookkeeping is done right! Nina is knowledgeable, accurate, reliable, professional, and always on time. Nina’s customer service is amazing and she cares about my business as if it is her own. She is truly a joy to work with. Running a small business is tough but Nina helps to eliminate the stress of bookkeeping for my business. Green Visor Girl Bookkeeping is a wonderful service and I highly recommend it for any small business owner!” –Samantha G. 

“It has been a great experience working with Nina in the past few years. She showed great professionalism and brought good ideas to our church. Such as, implementing a new and efficient way of processing invoices through bill.com. I certainly recommend her company services for future clients. She provided an efficient quality of work, adapting to our system needs and keeping a safe environment and privacy.” -Angelica C. 

“Nina performed accounting for our parish for 3 years. During that time, she managed our accounts and reported to our pastor and worked with the volunteer parish finance council. Besides efficiently handling day-to-day accounting, she also met with our council on a regular basis and developed efficient monthly reporting procedures and reports. During her tenure, our financial picture greatly improved, in part because of her work with the parish to clarify our financial position and to move forward with our financial planning. In addition to her efficient accounting, she was a delight to work with, communicating well with our council. I highly recommend Nina Cavicchi and Green Visor Girl to your organization.” -Bill F. 

“Nina really helped us see things in a much clearer way. We used her work to help make important decisions that would benefit the church. Her financial reports were always delivered on time each month. I could always trust that they were accurate and reliable. I recommend Nina to anyone in search of a bookkeeper.” -Rick M. 

“Nina has been our bookkeeper for the past three years. It was great to see how well Nina organized the office work and created systems and new forms that helped the office staff become more efficient. I went from signing 60-80 checks per month by hand, down to only a few, thanks to the system that Nina put in place. She has made my job as administrator much more streamlined, so that I can focus on other areas of the business. Nina was also able to reduce the enormous bank fees we were paying, down by 80% within one year. I happily recommend Nina. Her professionalism, accuracy, and friendliness make her an asset to any company looking for an outstanding bookkeeper.” -R.B.